Clinical Trial Phone Call

I got a phone call from the Dr. on Friday January 9th as I walked into the door after coming home from work. The clinical trials had just received approval to sign people up for the clinical trials and I was the first person that was called. I was shocked and speechless. This was the call that I had been waiting for since I was 8 and never thought I would get. Half of what was said to me is a blur, because my mind kept wandering and wondering if this was true. I was asked when I could come out and the answer I said was whenever you want me. 

 For me to say whenever would probably shock the majority of the people that know me. I am considered by about everyone that knows me as a workaholic. In maintenance I work even more when the plant shuts down. When everyone else is with their families on holiday, I work. The last 4-6 years I have worked just about every holiday there is. My cell phone is on 24-7 and I answer it whenever it rings. Currently the time is 11:30pm on a Saturday night as I write this post, while the rest of my family is sleeping. Before and after I work on this, I will be doing work. 

 My wife was in just as much shock about the phone call as I was when I told her. The first call I made was to my brother, which was a bad idea since he is in the middle east and it was about 3am there. My second call was to Cory and I think he was just as shocked, but very happy for me. The third phone call was to my parents. Emotions were starting to sink in that I could become part of the trial at this point and I could barely talk. Not sure if they noticed it, but I was talking really slow in an attempt to not be emotional. My mom may not have noticed, because she was so exited. My dad probably noticed as my personality and mannerisms coincide with his. 

 I put together an email to my boss with the subject of “Curt’s 2015 schedule” explaining the opportunity that I may have and the time that will be involved with multiple trips to Philadelphia throughout the year. The trip for the surgery, I could be gone for up to 2 weeks depending on how it goes. Thankfully the response I got was that we will work it out. 

 We set up for me to travel out to Philadelphia to have an appointment on Thursday January 15th to review the consent paperwork. This phone call changed my life. For the first time in probably ever, I will be putting myself first. This is also the first time where there is legitimate potential for light at the end of the tunnel.


One thought on “Clinical Trial Phone Call

  1. We are so excited for you and happy you are keeping this blog and sharing your experiences. My son Tucker is 7 years old and we hope and pray this will be available for him some day. You and the whole team will be in our prayers.

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