Final Testing before Surgery

My final testing was on Tues. 2/10 through Thurs. 2/12.

2/10 – Goldman field, Humphrys field (30degree, 10 degree and horizontal line tests), OCT, color test, reading test, contrast reading and several others tests.

2/11 – repeat the attribute tests (Humphrys field (30degree, 10 degree and horizontal line tests), reading test, contrast reading), cannon high resolution photos and a few others.

2/12 – finish cannon high resolution photos, ERG and a few other tests.

There may be people wondering why I duplicated half the tests. The truth is, the doctors have to prove that I am repetitive for all tests that I interact with the results (click a button). I have to be validated that I get the same results every time I take a test. This is the only way to prove the outcome results after the procedure. If they didn’t test me a minimum of twice then all results of the whole trial could come into question by the committee who will review all the results.

Out of all the testing, the only one I despise is the ERG test, and this was the 4th time in my life I have done it. The first time I did this test I was about 8, and it is a mildly traumatic experience to an 8 year old. Honestly who thought up the concept of putting giant contacts in your eyes with a wire sticking out of them? Then said, this is not crazy enough lets go ahead and dark adapt their eyes first then flash a bright strobe light at the patient.  I understand the good data that comes of the ERG test and why it is a good test, but whoever thought up this test though I would like to say some choice words to them.

On the same trip to final testing I volunteered to take part in being filmed for the study and the CRF. I have to say this is a first for me that someone wanted to film me. Maybe they were unaware that I am an engineer and lack many social norms in comparison to the average person. Seriously, there are people close to me who refer to me as an emotionless robot. I am not offended by that, as it is a fairly accurate representation because the decisions I make are calculated. For those who watch the TV show The Big Bang Theory, I would fit in well with those guys.

It is just under 1 month until my birthday (turning 34 on March 18th). I have decided for my birthday I do not want any presents. Please instead make a donation to As an incentive to donate, I will match $1 for every $1 donated up to $1,000. (Maybe I should have asked my wife about this before I posted. Oh well, I’m sure she will be fine with it) I have added a direct Paypal link at the top of this page to Donate to for anyone who is interested.

Everything is now a go for the next step, which is surgery. Surgery should take place in the near future. Wish me luck! I am anxiously awaiting surgery. Never did I think I would be anxiously awaiting someone to stick a needle in my eye, but I am.


6 thoughts on “Final Testing before Surgery

  1. My brother, I know exactly what you mean with the ERG. Had my first one at 6 and then every other year up to the age 20. Matter of fact, my ERG results (and some of my family) were published in a research paper back in the 80’s… Like you said, they are great for data but really, there’s got to be a better way….

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  2. As for the engineer social norms, just remember there are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t! Haha ^_^

    All the best on the surgery Curt

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  3. Man, I wholly agree with you on the ERg at early age-mine was at age 11.
    I know we all greatly appreciate your updates as you go through this huge life event. Most importantly, we commend your courage and stepping up to participate in this gene therapy trial on our behalf. Many many thanks and know that you’re in our thoughts and prayers for success!

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