1 Month Checkup

I flew in to Philadelphia on Sunday night 3/29. A Dr. emailed me the day before I flew out and asked if I could do a test when I got in on Sunday evening. I was only out in Philadelphia for 3 days and time was limited. I said no problem, but my flight would come in at 7:45pm on Sunday night. The Dr. said that would work and would give me a ride from the airport to where we were doing the test. It was a pupilometry test (FYI my phone autocorrects pupilometry as “pupils merry” I thought it was funny). It is a very simple test, but that piece of equipment is in a different building than all the rest of the equipment. The Dr’s in this study are extremely nice that they are wiling to pick me up at the airport. It also shows how dedicated to this study that they are by working at 8pm on a Sunday night. I like it when I find other people who are workaholics like me.

On Monday night I met up with Cory MacDonald, Brett Sims(#2 in study and a link to his blog at top of this page), Chris Moen and the #4 person getting their final testing to be in the clinical trial. I also had met the #3 person back when I had my surgery. The #3 person and #4 person have not decided if they want to make it public that they have been selected, so I will only refer to them as numbers. As an engineer, I think it would be much easier to refer to all people as numbers. I have a hard time remembering names anyways. The group of us had a good time together, and got to know each other. We had a lot of fun.

We went to the city tap house near our hotel in Philadelphia. They claim to have 40 beers on tap. I say claim, because we asked for 3 beers that they were out of. We told them their sign should say “about” 40 beers on tap. How does any bar in Pennsylvania run out of Yuengling anyways? If states had an official state beer, Pennsylvania would be Yuengling. Arkansas does not sell Yuengling, so I usually try to get one while I am in states that sell it. When we left the bar, we walked back to the hotel. What could go wrong with a group of blind guys walking in the dark after drinking? There were no issues, but I am guessing we got a few odd looks on the way back.

All the testing went well over the two days. Overall the tests showed that my vision is back to the same as the baseline tests, prior to the surgery. This means that I have pretty much fully recovered from the surgery. There is still a small amount of the suture in the eye that has not dissolved, but should be dissolved in the next couple weeks. Thankfully There was not an ERG test at the 1 month checkup. I am really hoping i don’t have to do that test again anytime soon. The redness is reducing and I no longer look like I have a blood shot eye.

I also have some good news at work. I was recently promoted to a corporate position as the Regional Automation Manager. This means I will be traveling more often now. I would like to Thank Cory MacDonald for convincing me to use an ID cane starting a little over a year ago. Places like airports and convention centers were really starting to stress me out when I would not use and ID cane. I am now much more comfortable in areas with groups of people. The interesting part will be people I work with do not know I use an ID cane when I travel. It is not something that comes up in conversation. Next week I will be traveling with some people I work with to Mexico, so we will see what their reaction is. One person I work with actually saw me at the airport when I traveled for the 1 month checkup trip and was very confused.


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