3 Month Checkup

I went to Philadelphia for my 3 month checkup on June 8-10. This was in the middle of a busy travel month for me. The prior week I was in San Diego for training and the week after I was in Mexico for work. This is why writing this post has taken longer than I would have liked.

My brother met me in Philadelphia and picked me up at the airport. It was great to see him, because we only see each other a couple times a year. Lately he has been working in middle eastern countries, so it is great that he is now back in the U.S.

The testing went well. I am still at the same baseline results prior to surgery. Remember the goal of the trial is no change for the treated eye.. The microperimetry results are the same as before surgery. I feel the results were a little better than original, but there are other factors that can effect the results. How alert I am or how much sunlight I was in earlier in the day. It is a dark adapted test, but I think my eyes never fully adjust to dark once I have been in the bright sun for that day even when I wear sunglasses and a hat.

I got to have another functional MRI on this trip. What is more fun than hanging out in an MRI machine for a couple hours? How about wearing goggles with spinning multi-color pinwheels. There was also a contrast portion of the test that I saw the lowest contrast pinwheel with my treated eye, but not with my untreated eye. The contrast portion was never tested on me prior to surgery, so we will never know if I could see that before the surgery or not. It makes me think the gene therapy was a success though.

I was interviewed by my hometown paper when I got back from the checkup. When they asked about the procedure I said they jabbed a needle in to the back of my eye. It seems my wife feels I should have been more technical and less blunt. I gave the reporter the curechm.org website, Cory’s contact information and Dr. Bennett was also interviewed for the article. I knew others would correctly portray the procedure. I just like seeing people’s reaction when I say jab a needle in my eye. You get to see how many people are not at all comfortable talking about something touching their eye. The article is at lsj.com if anyone wants to read it.

In the airport on the way home, I did get to see a guy screaming at a ticket agent and attempt to get on a plane that was already closed. Security came and took him to what i am sure is a special place in the airport. I never saw him again, but I am sure he is now on a list somewhere and will have lots of fun going through TSA “random screenings” in the future.

Please remember that you can donate to CureCHM.org using the donate link at the top of this page.


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